SetKeyboardRepeatInfo – Set values about keyboard auto-repeat feature

' set new values for keyboard speed and delay'' DELAY is the timeout after which auto.repeat starts'       can range from 0 (250ms) to 3 (1 sec)' SPEED is the speed of auto-repeat'       can range from 0 (2.5 repetitions/sec) to'                 to 31 (about 30 repetitions/sec)' If MAKEPERMANENT is True, then these new values persists among'    subsequent Windows sessionsSub SetKeyboardRepeatInfo(ByVal Delay As Long, ByVal Speed As Long, _    Optional ByVal MakePermanent As Boolean)    Dim flags As Long    ' are these changes permanent?    If MakePermanent Then        flags = SPIF_SENDWININICHANGE Or SPIF_UPDATEINIFILE    End If        ' set the keyboard delay    SystemParametersInfo SPI_SETKEYBOARDDELAY, Delay, ByVal 0&, flags    ' set the keyboard speed    SystemParametersInfo SPI_SETKEYBOARDSPEED, Speed, ByVal 0&, flagsEnd Sub

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