GetFileIcon – Retrieve the icon associated to a file

Private Const MAX_PATH = 260Private Type SHFILEINFO    hIcon As Long    iIcon As Long    dwAttributes As Long    szDisplayName As String * MAX_PATH    szTypeName As String * 80End TypePrivate Declare Function SHGetFileInfo Lib "Shell32" Alias "SHGetFileInfoA" _    (ByVal pszPath As Any, ByVal dwFileAttributes As Long, psfi As SHFILEINFO, _    ByVal cbFileInfo As Long, ByVal uFlags As Long) As LongPrivate Const SHGFI_ICON = &H100Private Const SHGFI_OPENICON = &H2Private Const SHGFI_SELECTED = &H10000Private Const SHGFI_SHELLICONSIZE = &H4Private Const SHGFI_SMALLICON = &H1Private Const SHGFI_LARGEICON = &H0Public Enum mbIconSizeConstants    mbLargeIcon = SHGFI_LARGEICON           '32x32 icon    mbSmallIcon = SHGFI_SMALLICON           '16x16 icon    mbShellSizeIcon = SHGFI_SHELLICONSIZE   'size used by the shell to displayEnd Enum                                    'the icons (for example 32x32 or                                             ' 48x48)Public Enum mbIconTypeConstants    mbNormalIcon = SHGFI_ICON               'normal icon    mbSelectedIcon = SHGFI_SELECTED         'the icon when it is selected    mbOpenIcon = SHGFI_OPENICON             'the icon used for open foldersEnd Enum' Returns the description of the specified file/folder (for example "Folder",' "Executable file", "Bmp Image" and so on)' Get the file/folder's associated icon'' NOTE: uses the IconToPicture function'       (you can find it elsewhere in the Code Bank)Function GetFileIcon(ByVal sPath As String, Optional ByVal mbIconSize As _    mbIconSizeConstants = mbLargeIcon, Optional ByVal mbIconType As _    mbIconTypeConstants = mbNormalIcon) As StdPicture    Dim FInfo As SHFILEINFO    Dim lIconType As Long        lIconType = mbIconSize Or mbIconType    ' be sure that there is the mbNormalIcon too    If mbIconType <> mbNormalIcon Then lIconType = lIconType Or mbNormalIcon    ' retrieve the item's icon    SHGetFileInfo sPath, 0, FInfo, Len(FInfo), lIconType    ' convert the handle to a StdPicture    Set GetFileIcon = IconToPicture(FInfo.hIcon)End Function

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