ExplodeForm – Show a form with an explode effect

ExplodeForm – Show a form with an explode effect

Private Declare Sub Sleep Lib "kernel32" (ByVal dwMilliseconds As Long)' Show a form with an explosion effect.' the lNumSteps parameter is the number of steps to increase the form size from ' 0 to the original size' the lStepDuration argument is the number of milliseconds between each step' Example:'   Private Sub Form_Load()'       ExplodeForm Me, 20, 2'   End SubSub ExplodeForm(frm As Form, Optional ByVal lNumSteps As Long = 25, _    Optional ByVal lStepDuration As Long)    Dim sngLeft As Single, sngTop As Single    Dim sngHeight As Single, sngWidth As Single    Dim sngNewHeight As Single, sngNewWidth As Single    Dim sngHeightStep As Single, sngWidthStep As Single    Dim iStep As Long        On Error Resume Next       'exit if the form is minimized/maximized    If frm.WindowState <> vbNormal Then Exit Sub        'save current size and position    sngLeft = frm.Left    sngTop = frm.Top    sngHeight = frm.Height    sngWidth = frm.Width        'calc the step for the height/width increase    sngHeightStep = sngHeight / lNumSteps    sngWidthStep = sngWidth / lNumSteps        'resize the form in several steps    For iStep = 1 To lNumSteps        'calc the new height/width        sngNewHeight = sngNewHeight + sngHeightStep        sngNewWidth = sngNewWidth + sngWidthStep        ' display the form        frm.Move sngLeft + (sngWidth - sngNewWidth) / 2, _            sngTop + (sngHeight - sngNewHeight) / 2, sngNewWidth, sngNewHeight        frm.Visible = True        frm.Refresh        ' pause if so requested        Sleep lStepDuration    Next        ' ensure that the form is completely visible    frm.Move sngLeft, sngTop, sngWidth, sngHeight    End Sub

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