MoveProgressBarIntoPanel – Move a ProgressBar inside a StatusBar’s panel

' Move and resize a ProgressBar control so that it fits inside' a StatusBar's Panel.'' The last argument is the panel index (one-based).Sub MoveProgressBarIntoPanel(pb As ProgressBar, sb As StatusBar, _    pnlIndex As Integer)    Dim deltaY As Single, pnl As Panel, y As Single        ' account for two pixels around each panel    deltaY = pb.Parent.ScaleY(2, vbPixels, vbTwips)    Set pnl = sb.Panels(pnlIndex)    pnl.Bevel = sbrNoBevel    ' It is necessary to evaluate the Y coordinate in this way because    ' if this routine is invoked from Form_Resize you can't rely on    ' the StatusBar's or Panel's Top property, which still has to be updated.    y = pb.Parent.ScaleHeight - sb.Height        ' Move the progress bar in position, and in front of the status bar.    pb.Move pnl.Left, y + deltaY, pnl.Width, sb.Height - deltaY    pb.Visible = True    pb.ZOrderEnd Sub

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