GetBatteryTime – Get the life time of a notebook’s battery

GetBatteryTime – Get the life time of a notebook’s battery

Private Declare Function GetSystemPowerStatus Lib "kernel32" _    (lpSystemPowerStatus As SYSTEM_POWER_STATUS) As LongPrivate Type SYSTEM_POWER_STATUS        ACLineStatus As Byte        BatteryFlag As Byte        BatteryLifePercent As Byte        Reserved1 As Byte        BatteryLifeTime As Long        BatteryFullLifeTime As LongEnd Type' Get the life time of a notebook's battery.' Returns -1 if the computer is not a notebook or if it's not using a battery' Param values:'   0 -> return the lifetime in seconds (by default)'   1 -> return the lifetime in minutes'   2 -> return the lifetime in hours' Example:'   MsgBox "Left minutes:" & GetBatteryTime(1)Private Function GetBatteryTime(Optional ByVal ResultFormat As Integer) As _    Double    Dim SysStatus As SYSTEM_POWER_STATUS    GetSystemPowerStatus SysStatus        ' return the number of seconds    If ResultFormat = 0 Then        GetBatteryTime = SysStatus.BatteryLifeTime    ' return the number of minutes    ElseIf ResultFormat = 1 Then        GetBatteryTime = SysStatus.BatteryLifeTime / 60    ' return the number of hours    Else        GetBatteryTime = SysStatus.BatteryLifeTime / 3600    End IfEnd Function

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