SaveTextFile – Save or append text to a file

SaveTextFile – Save or append text to a file

' Saves a text file. If the destination file already exists,' its content can be replaced, or the new content can be appended' at the end of the file, according to the last parameter' Note: the destination directory must exist, otherwise the file is not'       saved and the function returns False' Usage: Dim Result As Boolean = SaveTextFile("D:Test.txt", FileContent)Function SaveTextFile(ByVal FilePath As String, ByVal FileContent As String, _    Optional ByVal Append As Boolean = False) As Boolean    Dim sw As System.IO.StreamWriter    Try        sw = New System.IO.StreamWriter(FilePath, Append)        sw.Write(FileContent)        Return True    Catch e As Exception        Return False    Finally         If Not sw Is Nothing Then sw.Close()    End TryEnd Function

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