GetUrlParameters – Retrieving the key-value pairs from the specified url

GetUrlParameters – Retrieving the key-value pairs from the specified url

' Returns a hashtable with the key-value pairs extracted from the querystring ' of the specified url' EXAMPLE:'   Dim ht As Hashtable = GetUrlParameters' ("¶m2=¶m3=234")'   ' print the key=value pairs to the console window'   Dim myEnumerator As IDictionaryEnumerator = ht.GetEnumerator()'   While myEnumerator.MoveNext()'      Console.WriteLine("{0}: {1}", myEnumerator.Key, myEnumerator.Value)'   End While'   ' print the value of a specified param, named param3'   Console.WriteLine("Param3: " & ht("param3"))Function GetUrlParameters(ByVal url As String) As Hashtable    Dim ht As New Hashtable()    ' consider only the querystring, that's the part after the ? char    Dim qsStart As Integer = url.IndexOf("?")    If qsStart > -1 Then url = url.Substring(qsStart + 1)    ' split the querystring with the & char    Dim params() As String = url.Split(New Char() {"&"c})    Dim param As String    ' for each param extract the param name (the part before the =) and the     ' value    For Each param In params        Dim i As Integer = param.IndexOf("="c)        If i > -1 Then            ht.Add(param.Substring(0, i), param.Substring(i + 1))        End If    Next    Return htEnd Function

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