CheckSpelling – Using the Word’s check-spelling engine

CheckSpelling – Using the Word’s check-spelling engine

' Do the check spelling on the input text' Returns the input text with the corrections applied from the Word's check-' spelling dialog' Note: it requires a reference to the MS Word 9.0 library'' Example:'   MsgBox (CheckSpelling("This sentence iss far from being correcta"))Function CheckSpelling(ByVal strString As String) As String    Dim objWord As Word.Application    Dim objDoc As Word.Document        ' use the hourglass mouse cursor    Dim oldMousePointer As Variant    oldMousePointer = Screen.MousePointer    Screen.MousePointer = vbHourglass    Set objWord = New Word.Application        With objWord        .Visible = False        ' create a new document, and "paste" the input text        Set objDoc = .Documents.Add        .Selection.Text = strString        ' run the check-spelling        .Dialogs(wdDialogToolsSpellingAndGrammar).Show        strString = .Selection.Text        ' close the document        objDoc.Close wdDonotSaveChanges        Set objDoc = Nothing        ' close the Word instance        .Quit wdDonotSaveChanges    End With        Set objWord = Nothing    ' restore the original couse cursor    Screen.MousePointer = oldMousePointer        CheckSpelling = strStringEnd Function

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