BlobToFile – Saving a BLOB field to a file

BlobToFile – Saving a BLOB field to a file

' Reusable routine that save a BLOB field to a file' Requires Imports for System.Data and System.Data.Common' Example: BlobToFile(dr, 2, "c:xxxx.bmp")Sub BlobToFile(ByVal dr As IDataReader, ByVal fieldIndex As Integer, _    ByVal filename As String)    Const CHUNK_SIZE As Integer = 200    Dim buffer(CHUNK_SIZE - 1) As Byte    Dim stream As New System.IO.FileStream(filename, IO.FileMode.Create)    Dim index As Long = 0    Try        Do            ' Get the next chunk, exit if no more bytes.            Dim length As Integer = CInt(dr.GetBytes(fieldIndex, index, buffer, _                0, CHUNK_SIZE))            If length = 0 Then Exit Do            ' Write to file and increment index in field data.            stream.Write(buffer, 0, length)            index += length        Loop    Finally        stream.Close()    End TryEnd Sub

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