Top 10 Tips from the DevX Tip Bank

Top 10 Tips from the DevX Tip Bank

or years, DevX readers have been submitting their hard-learned tricks and workarounds to share with others. In a few short weeks, DevX will be overhauling our Tip Bank, adding new browsing capabilities and better categorization. Our goal is to make this growing body of knowledge more accessible and thus more helpful to you.

We’ve selected what we think are the most useful shortcuts or workarounds from the latest tip submissions. There’s something here for everyone here?from classic VB to using XML with ASP. Think you’ve got a tip-worthy piece of code? Found a little known quirk in your language of choice? Published tips are worth $10, so what are you waiting for? Submit your tip here!

  1. Register ActiveX Files Using the Mouse
  2. Force the Extension of a Class Without Overriding Any Single Method
  3. Posting Forms Programmatically
  4. Debug an ASP Project with Visual Studio .NET in Windows 2000
  5. Prevent Multiple Instances of a .NET Windows Application
  6. Title Case Function for SQL Server
  7. Use XML to Store Your App Settings in ASP
  8. Use C-Style Arrays as Containers
  9. Word-wrap ASP Output on Long Strings with No Blanks
  10. Use the Count Algorithm to Perform Simple Validation on Strings


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