Changing the Attributes of a File

Changing the Attributes of a File

Say you’re trying to overwrite an existing file, but its attribute is set to “Readonly,” so it generates a “Permission Denied” error. The following code shows how to change the attribute to Normal mode to avoid this error:

     'Code shows hot to change the attribute of the file    'reference Microsoft Scripting Runtime(Scrrun.dll) must be added.    Dim fs As FileSystemObject    Dim Path as string,Path1 as string    Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")    Path = "C:Test.bmp"    Path1 = "D:Test.bmp"        Dim f As File        If fs.FileExists(Path) Then            Set f = fs.GetFile(Path)            If f.Attributes <> 0 Then                 f.Attributes = 0 'Normal            End If        End If    Call fs.CopyFile(Path1, Path, True)
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