Close and Save All Except Your Current Window

When you’re working on large projects, it’s common to have a bunch of open windows cluttering your desktop. Closing all the windows you’re not working on is tedious. To automate this task, create a new macro and paste in this code:

Sub Closeallexceptcurrent()        Dim i As Integer        Dim sCurrWin As String = DTE.ActiveDocument.Name        With DTE             For i = .Documents.Count To 1 Step -1                If .Documents.Item(i).Name <> sCurrWin Then                    If Not .Documents.Item(i).Saved Then                        .Documents.Item(i).Close(vsSaveChanges.vsSaveChangesYes)                    Else                        .Documents.Item(i).Close(vsSaveChanges.vsSaveChangesNo)                    End If                End If            Next        End With   End Sub
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