Convert the Filesize in a Number into String Format

Convert the Filesize in a Number into String Format

This code converts the filesize in a number to string format?for instance, 1000 Bytes, 1 KB, etc.

Option Explicit' Add a module and copy paste this function.' To test this function, call this function from Immediate window by passing' file size to it.  e.g. ?GetFileSizeString(1000), GetFileSizeString(10000)Private Declare Function StrFormatByteSize Lib "shlwapi.dll" Alias "StrFormatByteSizeA" _(ByVal dw As Long, ByVal szBuf As String, ByVal uiBufSize As Long) As LongPrivate Function GetFileSizeString(ByVal lngFileSize As Long) As String    Dim strBuff As String    strBuff = Space$(100)    StrFormatByteSize lngFileSize, strBuff, Len(strBuff)    GetFileSizeString = Replace(Trim$(strBuff), vbNullChar, "")End Function
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