Saving Data Before Exit

Saving Data Before Exit

If a user closes an application via the control box at the top LH side of a window, I would like to offer the user 3 choices:

  1. They can save the current state of their application.
  2. They can close the application.
  3. They can cancel the close and return to their application.
The first 2 are simple to do but the third is difficult.Items in the control box are trapped by the Form_Unload event. There does not seem to be any way to exit from this event.”Exit Sub” ends the program rather than returning to the application.

You’re correct…the events are in the Form_Unload event, but they are first in the QueryUnload event. In the QueryUnload event, you can use the Cancel parameter to stop the action. In fact, the QueryUnload event will be triggered if the user tries to shut the application down by exiting windows. Setting the Cancel property will actually stop Windows from exiting.


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