Getting Available Disk Space

Getting Available Disk Space

I am looking for a way to determine the numberof bytes on a hard drive. Preferable I’d liketo know the total bytes on a drive and the bytes used on a drive.

Here’s a tip from the July 1996 issue of VB Programmers’ Journal that answers your question. The GetDiskFreeSpace API function gets all of this information in one step. Declare the API as follows:

Private Declare Function GetDiskFreeSpace Lib “kernel32” Alias _   “GetDiskFreeSpaceA” (ByVal lpRootPathName as String, _   lpRootPathName as String, _   lpSectorsPerCluster As Long, _   lpBytesPerSector as Long, _   lpNumberOfFreeClusters as Long, _   lpTotalNumberofClusters as Long) As Long
Put the following code where you want to get the disk space:
Dim drv as String, ret as Long, bytes as Long, free as Long, total as LongDim freespace as Long, totalspace as Long, usedspace as Longdrv = “C:”ret = GetDiskFreeSpace(drv, sectors, bytes, free, total)freespace = sectors * bytes * freetotalspace = sectors * bytes * totalusedspace = totalspace – freespace

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