Selecting File from File List Box

Selecting File from File List Box

I put a drive box, a directory list box, and a file list box on the form, with the intention of being able to select an *.ico file from the file list, and have it display the relevant icon in a picture box which I also had on the form. Please help before I go bald !!!

Here’s the sample code that demonstrates this. On your form put a DriveBox, DirBox, FileListBox and Picture control. Make sure to set the AutoSize property on the Picture control to True and the Pattern property on your FileListBox to *.ico.

‘the first two subs just  keep the DriveBox, DirBox and FileList box synced.Private Sub Dir1_Change()File1.Path = Dir1.PathEnd SubPrivate Sub Drive1_Change()Dir1.Path = Drive1.DriveEnd Sub’this is the sub that will display the icon in the picture control when double-clickedPrivate Sub File1_DblClick()Dim pic As Stringpic = Dir1.Path       ‘this puts the path where the icon file is into the pic variablepic = FixPath$(pic) ‘FixPath$ code is below.  It simply adds a trailing backslash if needed.pic = pic & File1.filename    ‘this adds the icon’s filename to the end of the pic variablePicture1.Picture = LoadPicture(pic)  ‘and this loads it into your picture controlEnd Sub’copy and paste this into your form’s General/Declarations sectionFunction FixPath$(Test$)’sticks a backslash on the end of test$ if there’s not one there alreadyIf Right$(Test$, 1) <> “” Then Test$ = Test$ + “”FixPath$ = Test$End Function
This code should work equally well with VB3.0 and VB4.0.

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