Insufficient Memory, TFloatField in TQuery

Insufficient Memory, TFloatField in TQuery

1. I developed an application, but after running for about one hour, a message error: “Insufficient memory to do the operation” occurred. The error did not cause the application to abort, but if we continue with the same process, another error, “Access Violation,” will occur.

For your consideration: My application uses many query components, and most ot them open and close at runtime. I really need a brief explanation about the reason why those errors occur and what the solution(s) might be.

I’ve seen this error a lot with applications that do a lot of queries. Theproblem is that queries are memory pigs. If you’re running out of space,you’re probably opening too many queries at once.

Consider this solution: In the course of running your program, create your queries on the fly,then once you’ve used their data, free them immediately. This will free up space.


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