Tables and SQL

Tables and SQL

How do you count the number of rows displayed in a DBGrid when displayed through a query? Using TQuery, I get 50 to 60 files, but want to know exactly how many rows passed the SQL query and are now being displayed.

It’s funny that something as important as row statistics is notwell-documented in Delphi. Oh well, there’s a lot to the program.

For TTable, TQuery and TStoredProc (if it returns a pointer to a cursor),you can get the Count of records by calling the RecordCount method, and thecurrent record on which the cursor is positioned with the RecNo method.

To get a count of the number of rows returned from a query,don’t look to the DBGrid. Instead, look to the TQuery itself, and use itsRecordCount property to get the number of records being pointed at by itscursor.


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