Unknown EDBEngineError

Unknown EDBEngineError

I am getting an usual message from exception class EDBEngineError. The message is simply: “At beginning of table.”What does that mean? I am building a TQuery SQL property in code like the following:

with MyQry do  begin    Close;    RequestLive := True;    SQL.Clear;    SQL.Add(‘SELECT * FROM “mytable.db”‘);    SQL.Add(‘WHERE (Status = 1)’);    Open;  end;
When I get to the “Open,” I get the error, but only while running under the Delphi debugger. When I compile a stand-alone .exe, I no longer get the error. Another point of interest: It seems to occur only when the table is empty.

Any ideas?

You’re getting the error because TQuery expects to point to a dataset thathas data in it. It’s a dumb error message, but it’s basically saying that”this is a new table with no data, so I’d be wasting my time if I queriedthis “


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