How to convert int to string

How to convert int to string

I am looking for a generic way to convert an intto a string. It cannot be platform- or compiler-specific in its implementation.

The standard C++ library defines the classes std::istringstream andstd::ostringstream that can be used for manipulations on strings to accommodatevarious datatypes. The way to convert an integer to a string would be, for example:

std::string convertToString(int i){	ostringstream o;	o << i;	return o.str (); // returns std::string}
Many compilers do not implement this version of the stream classesyet; if your compiler vendor does not, you can usethe older version, called strstream, in the exact same way.

If all else fails you can always use the standard C library call sprintf todo the conversion. Here’s how:

void foo (){	char buf [10];	sprintf (buf,”%d”,10); 	puts(buf); // will print 10..}

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