Pop-up list problems

Pop-up list problems

Why can’t I put a simple piece of code in the click event for a list box and have it execute? Also, how can I choose a value from a list withoutOPO asking me to commit changes?

If you want a piece of code to execute when someone selects a value from alist box, you should add it to the Validate method for the list box,because this is fired whenever the Value for the list box changesthrough user interaction.

Regarding OPO prompting you to commit changes, this will only happen whenyou change a value in an object that is bound to a data column. If youwant to allow users to change a value in a list box, you should have thelist box be unbound and have a change in the Value of the list boxripple down to a hidden bound data field. Think about this before you doit, though, because you are subverting some of the powerful default featuresof OPO with this plan.


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