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How do I get a tool tip to appear in a java application?

Tool tips were not a part of the AWT packages in the 1.0.2 and 1.1releases of Java. To use tool tips in a 1.0.2, you must either createyour own custom tool tip code, or use a third party package. For a1.1 application, the best thing to do is to start using the Swing classes.You can download the Swing classes as part of the Java Foundation Classes from JavaSoft’s web site. Swing and the JFC are a standard part of theAWT packages in Java 1.2.

Many of the Swing components have builtin tool tip support. All youhave to do to use them is call setToolTipText(String), defined inJComponent. For components that do not have builtin tool tip support,you may create a JToolTip instance, set its text with setTipText(String),and bind it to a component with setComponent(JComponent). To createyour own custom tool tips, you may override the createToolTip() methodin JComponent.

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