DLLs on NT

DLLs on NT

I’ve written an application that uses external DLLs. It works fine on Win95. When I try to load it on NT, it says it can’t find any of the DLLs required, although they exist physically.How do I solve this problem ?

You really didn’t give me enough information to answer your question, but I can think of a couple of possibilities.

(1)You are using OLE DLLs and you didn’t register the DLLs (just copied them over). You can use an installation program to do this, or simply use RegSvr32.exe to register the DLLs manually.

(2) The DLLs you wrote are calling a Win95-specific API, and that DLL is not present (and would not work) on a NT machine. You can check out the API calls on the Microsoft MSDN.

(3) Some of the DLLs are different in Win95 and NT (containing calls in one OS that aren’t present on the other). In most cases, NT is a superset of Win95, but in some cases it is a subset. Again, check the MSDN.


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