Non-Form ActiveX Event Does Not Fire From ASP

I downloaded Microsoft’s DIRWALK VB code and used it to create an ActiveX server. I want it to walk an HTML directory tree with ASP (Active Server Pages) so I can build a table of contents based on the folders. When the method WalkDirectory() finds a folder, it uses RaiseEvent ItemFound and passes the path and folder name to the event. However, in ASP, the event is not being fired?or if it is, I cannot detect it. All of the examples I’ve seen on events have been from forms, but not from non-form events.

If you think about the role of ActiveX on the server, you can see why it wouldn’t fire events. Server-side code is designed to run unattended (since you don’t want one msgbox bringing your system crashing because it blocks everything else). For this reason, there is no hook for event handling within the ASP framework. Instead, your control should internally handle actions when a folder is detected. (Also, there may be some additional design time code (DTC) that you need to implement?DTCs have an architecture all of their own).

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