Trouble With String That Contains a Backslash

Trouble With String That Contains a Backslash

I get a string from the Microsoft Index Server like this: “Information uber”. If I try to assign this string to a variable I get a runtime error: “Invalid character.”

var str = "

I think the problem is that there’s only one backslash in this string, and so JavaScript assumes that it is an escape sequence, but u is not a valid escape sequence. Is there a way to convert this string, so that it includes two backslashes? I’m using Windows NT 4.0 and Internet Explorer 4.01.

You’re right. The backslash character () has a special meaning in JavaScript. Dealing with a string constant (like the one you’re getting from Microsoft Index Server) that includes a single backslash is awfully problematic. Your best bet would probably be to try to somehow convince Index Server to add a second backslash to the string rather than trying to solve the problem through JavaScript.


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