Preview in VFP

Preview in VFP

I am going to give a preview of a report for a user, but a small window with a printer icon shows on the top. I don’t want the report to be printed. How do I set the printer icon on the small window to disable?

There is no way to turn off the printer icon in a preview. You might try:

1. Creating your own preview toolbar with no print button

2. Moving VFP’s Print Preview toolbar off of the visible screen (VFP names the toolbar “Print Preview”):

    MOVE WINDOW "Print Preview" TO -1000,-1000

3. When “ MOUSE CLICK AT 1,8 WINDOW “Print Preview”

4. Repeat #3 for all other buttons (except print) on the toolbar

For more reading, Christof Lange had an excellent article on reports in the October 1998 Foxpro Advisor magazine.


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