Week of the Year

How can i find out the week number of the year in Visual Basic?

This is easy to do using the DateDiff function. The DateDiff function can calculate the number of time intervals between two different intervals. You can look at the help file for all the constants, but the function can calculate the number of days, hours, minutes, etc. between two date values. In this case, we want to count the number of weeks between the selected date and January 1st of the year. To do this, you use this code:

   Dim intWeekNum As Integer   intWeekNum = DateDiff("ww", #1/1/1999#, Date)   intWeekNum = intWeekNum + 1

You have to add 1 to the week number because the DateDiff function counts the number of Sundays between the two dates. If you plugged in 1/2/1999 for the second date value, you would end up with zero since no Sundays elapsed between 1/1 and 1/2. Adding one corrects the problem.

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