PowerBuilder 6.5 and MS Word 97 Example

PowerBuilder 6.5 and MS Word 97 Example

Do you have any examples of calling MS Word Visual Basic to open, modify, print and close a document (i.e., calling macros, inserting tables)?

Here is an example of connecting to Word, and creating a table, then populating the table with headings, it should give you a few pointers on how to get up and running. The Word macro editor is the best place for information on writing Word automation.

OleObject lole_OLE, lole_Selectionlole_OLE = CREATE OleObject// Connect to the word applicationlole_OLE.ConnectToNewObject( 'word.application.8' )lole_OLE.Application.Visible = TRUElole_OLE.Documents.Add()lole_Selection = lole_OLE.Selection// Create a table for the list data and add the column headerslole_OLE.ActiveDocument.Tables.Add( lole_OLE.Selection.Range, 1, 3 )lole_Selection.TypeText( 'First Name' )lole_Selection.MoveRight( 12 )lole_Selection.TypeText( 'Last Name' )lole_Selection.MoveRight( 12 )lole_Selection.TypeText( 'City' )lole_Selection.MoveRight( 12 )lole_OLE.DisconnectObject()DESTROY lole_OLE


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