Suggesting a SQL Reporting Tool

Suggesting a SQL Reporting Tool

I need to get a handle on my choices for a SQL reporting tool for ad hoc reports.

The quick-and-dirty requirements are that it must be able to develop reports from Sybase SQL Anywhere and MS SQL 7.0, and have the ability to port results to a Web interface. The kicker is that I would like to be able to enable my users to make “natural language” requests for report generation.

Any suggestions? I’ve looked in Sybase “QuickStart Reports” but haven’t found the versatility elsewhere. Sybase, as you probably know, doesn’t seem to handle MS SQL 7.

Aye, there’s the rub. Natural Language would seem to make it a natural (forgive me) for Microsoft English Query. Take a look at Crystal Reports, and it wouldn’t hurt to investigate Actuate either.


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