Choosing a Career in FoxPro

Choosing a Career in FoxPro


I’m equally comfortable using both VB and FoxPro. Each product has its pros and cons. I think VB has a better developed IDE and debugging facilities. FoxPro, on the other hand, has unbeatable database support.

Which product is better in terms of career planning? Which will earn a bigger salary?


I agree that both VB and VFP are excellent products with complementary strengths. Unfortunately, I cannot quote salaries.

In Visual Studio, both VFP and VB are playing roles: VFP’s being positioned as a middle-tier product, whereas VB is being positioned as a front-end product. Neither product is disappearing, and they are mot consigned to these roles, but keeping an eye on the future is wise.

Your desision should be based on which you prefer, but I would suggest that your background in both products makes you more attractive to employers/clients.


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