Passing Collections Between ASP Pages

Passing Collections Between ASP Pages

I am generating Active Server Pages using Visual InterDev and VBScript. I have fetched all my records from the database through my ActiveX DLL into a collection variable. Can I pass my whole collection to some other ASP so that it will minimize the trip to the server?

A request.querystring doesn’t work. I tried page objects and many things, but still got stuck at one point.

You cannot use QueryString. However, there are two ways you can pass the variable to another ASP page, using the Session or the Application object.

Place the collection variable in the session object:

Session("MyCollection") = CollectionVariable

In the other ASP page, access it as:

Dim CollectionVariableCollectionVariable = Session("MyCollection")

You can also experiment with the Application object instead of the Session Object.

Obviously, this means that your Web site uses session variables, something that is not recommended for large-volume Web sites or Web farm situations.


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