Select Stored Procedures in MS SQL 7

Select Stored Procedures in MS SQL 7

How do I access an MS SQL 7 Stored Procedure that returns a multi-row Dataset through Delphi 3?

InterBase allows selecting from a Stored Procedure. MS SQL 7 only allows selects from tables, views, or from a “Rowset Function,” but not from a Stored Procedure.

Hm…even Oracle allows you to do this. Well, with a little bit of trickery. What you do is create a dummy table with a single field in a globally accessible database. (I usually use WORKING.)

Once you do that, the select syntax should go like this:


Without seeing your code, I can only suppose that you’re probably doing the following:

 SELECT Field1, Field2, FieldXFROM 

That’s not allowed in any server database that I know of.


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