Resizing JTable Cells

Resizing JTable Cells

How can I create cells in a JTable that span multiple rows/columns,as you can do in HTML with the rowspan/colspan tags?

To the best of my knowledge, it is not possible to do this withJTable. At least there’s no easy way of doing it, but it may be possible with some serious acrobatics.

One possible startingpoint may be to fake the effect by creating a custom CellRenderer thatpaints a cell over some of its adjacent cells. The difficulty incustomizing JTable to do what you’re asking is that JTable doesn’t storeindividual component cells, but instead aggregates them into a set ofTableColumnModels that take care of drawing the cells.

You may wishto make use of GridBagLayout and represent each cell as an AWTcomponent if you have a relatively small amount of data to display. GridBagLayout will allow you to place components so that theyconsume varying amounts of rows or columns in a grid.


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