I have a small SQL Server 6.5 database running on NT Workstation. From my workstation I can ping that machine and I can map a drive to that machine.

However, every time I try to connect through SQL Server I get a network error stating that the SQL database does not connect or there is a general network failure.

What is wrong? (I was able to connect briefly at one time, but no more.)

Just because the machine is alive doesn’t guarantee that the server is. Is the server running? (Open the Control Panel, click on Services, and check the list to see whether MSSQL is started.) Is it possible that named pipes were not included during the installation?

The fact that it worked once and no longer does raises the issue of a recent network/user_name/security/hardware (NIC)/some other recent configuration change being suspect, no?

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. It’s a dark place to be in.


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