Coding blank spaces in a select statement

Coding blank spaces in a select statement

After the line break in the code below, the blankspace between the quotes is not recognized. I am merely trying to indent the second line, but I get nothing. The field is eventually accessed from an ASP page which explains the html statement in the code.

SELECT RTRIM(Item.unit_pack1) + ' pack(s) @ $' + CONVERT(varchar(8), CONVERT(money, Item.unit_price1)) + ' added to your shopping bag.
' + ' ' + RTRIM(Brand_List.brand_descript)AS qof_descriptFROM ..............

Instead of the blank string which apparently getschopped, try declaring a variable named @filler of varchar(100) and then wrap the select statementin a cursor.

Each time you go through an iteration of purchasing stuff, add another ten spaces into filler so it indented one more level in for every purchase made.


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