Passing a Variable Between Two Applications

In my first application, I want to use a global variable in my second application. How can I do this?

Does PowerBuilder offer any method to exchange messages between two applications?

A simple method to pass data between two applications is, in the first program, to store the data in the registry then to get the first program to trigger an event in the second program. Then get the data from the registry in the event in the second program.

To achieve the trigger event in the second application, you will need to map an event to the pbm_custom01 event. Then in the first program get a handle to the second program and use the following command to trigger the event:

 Send( ll_PBHandle, 1024, 0, 0 )

1024 is the value for pbm_custom01. You can increment by one to get the next event (e.g., 1025 for pbm_custom02).

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