Put Customer Order Information Into SQL Server 7.0

Put Customer Order Information Into SQL Server 7.0

I have a shopping cart on my e-commerce site. When people submit their orders, instead of getting an e-mail with their order in it, I want that information to be directly put into SQL Server 7.0. How can I do this?

If you use Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0, you can put the customer order information into Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 without any additional software. IIS comes with a feature called Active Server Pages (ASP) which allows for processing to occur on the Web server and send the results of that processing to the Web browser. Most of the time, that processing on the Web server will generate HTML. That HTML gets returned to the Web browser. IIS also comes with Microsoft’s newest data access technologies, OLE-DB and ActiveX Data Objects (ADO). You can use ASP to extract data from a Web page and write data to a SQL Server database.


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