Distributing VFP Executables

Distributing VFP Executables

When I build a VFP executable file and copy it to another machine, I cannot seem to run the executable. I obtain messages like “cannot …..file support library.”

What are these library files and where can I find them? Are there any other necessary files I need to copy, or do I have to install VFP on every machine the executable will run on?

You do not need to install VFP on every machine that the executable will run on. However, VFP executables require certain files (support library DLLs, for example) to be installed onto the machine where the application will run.

To distribute a VFP executable file, you need to run the Setup Wizard. The Setup Wizard helps to build diskettes for distribution that include all the files required for the executable. The wizard can be run from the Tools > Wizards > Setup menu option.


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