Make Table Layouts Appear Similar in IE and Netscape


I am having trouble getting an ASP page to look the same in Internet Explorer and Netscape. I am using multiple tables because I have different sections to place input fields and drop-down lists on the page. I want to have a straight vertical line down the page with the fields. If I get them to line up in IE and then view the page in Netscape they are not lined up. Can you tell me if it is possible to get the same look in Netscape as IE using the tables? I have tried using width, and so forth. Here’s an example:

table tr  td field1 /td  td field2 /td /tr/tabletable tr  td field3 /td  td field4 /td tr/table


Ultimately it is up to the individual browsers to decide how they are going to display your content. It is unlikely that you will get your page to look 100% identical in both browsers, but you can do a lot to ensure that the pages look as similar as possible. From what you told me and the example that you gave, it seems that you are trying to get vertical alignment by stacking tables horizontally. I’m not surprised that it hasn’t worked for you yet. If you want vertical alignment, structure your tables in a vertical way rather than a horizontal way.

Remember that you can nest tables within tables. While aligning your new tables vertically, you can surround them with yet another table to ensure that the vertically aligned tables display side-by-side. Consider the following tables. You can build your tables similarly. Notice that the same four fields are displayed but the structure of the table has changed so that your original two tables have been nested within a parent table.


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