Giving Users a Save As Dialog Box

Giving Users a Save As Dialog Box

I am creating a CSV file from a table via the export command and would like to give the user the option to name the CSV file at execution time via some type of Save As dialog box.

There is a VFP function called PUTFILE() which calls up a Save As dialog box:

 PUTFILE([cCustomText] [, cFileName] [, cFileExtensions])

  • cCustomText is the text you want to appear next to the chosen filename on the dialog box.
  • cFileName is a default file to pre-select.
  • cFileExtensions is a semicolon-delimited string of file extensions, telling the dialog box which file extensions to show in the Save As dialog box.

The following line of code calls the standard Save As dialog box:

lcFile = PUTFILE()

The following line of code calls the Save As dialog box with “Export To:” next to the file selected, defaults to “Rick.Txt”, and shows only TXT and DBF files:

lcFile = PUTFILE("Export To:","Rick.Txt","TXT;DBF")

PUTFILE() does not save anything; it merely returns the name of the file selected.

To solve your problem, try the following:

 lcCSVFile = PUTFILE("Export File:","","CSV")EXPORT ALL TO (lcCSVFile)


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