ODBC drivers for Informix IDS 9.2

ODBC drivers for Informix IDS 9.2

We are trying to get our application to work with Informix using ODBC, and we are having repeated failures. We cannot seem to access “memo” (large text) fields of any type using the supplied ODBC driver, version 3.31. We are on an NT system, and we have tried both MFC and raw ODBC with CLOBs, CHARs, LVARCHARs, and TEXT field types, but still it fails. Incidentally, we have no problems with SQL Server or Oracle.

1. Are there any other ODBC drivers we could try, and if so, does anybody know where we might find them?

2. Has anyone else had similar problems with memo fields and ODBC and found any solutions?

ODBC drivers are by necessity a “least-common-denominator” solution. Informix has no “memo” data type. The closest I can think of is text, and if it doesn’t work with your version of ODBC, you’re probably out of luck for a while. The Informix-CLI/SDK usually installs several versions of the ODBC driver. Try them all and see if one works better.


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