Chunk is Down

We are using IDS 7.30 FC7 on DEC/Unix 4.2. Two separate OnLine works on the same machine. Let’s call them OnLine1 and OnLine2. While adding a new chunk (not mirrored) to the existing dbspace on the OnLine1 we specified its path to another chunk (not mirrored) which exists on OnLine2 by mistake, but the chunk added to the dbspace on OnLine1, and after a while it becomes down. Both IDSs are in the online mode, but we could not get Level-0 backup. Now we could not drop chunk and could not change its status to online. We tried with both onspaces -s command and onmonitor utility. Do you have any comments on this?

Not very good news here. Unless you have a backup, your online-2 database has lost the info in the chunk. It’s probably impossible to recover. You may be able to salvage your online-1 database, but first, I’d recommend you call Informix’s On-Line Support desk and try and get some help from them. They’ll probably tell you that it’s lost, but at least give them the chance.

The way you may be able to save the online-1 instance is to shut down the online-2 instance. If you still have the chunk up in online-1, it is probably OK. Run some onchecks on it and back it up.

If the chunk is already marked down, try to run onspaces -s on the online-1 chunk and bring it up. If it stays up, do the onchecks and back the instance up.

I wouldn’t do any of this until I’ve checked with Informix to see whether or not they can save anything from online-2.

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