Asset Failed: Slot 1 Not Free in Page

Asset Failed: Slot 1 Not Free in Page

My NT production system is down. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Update terminations, with error Inf -603, commit failed on table rfblg; RDBIF_SQL error on BSEG
  2. Running onchecks report BLOB Problems; error page; oncheck unable to correct database problem
  3. Attempted the following:
    • 3.1 Reorganized/drop index of RFBLG
    • 3.2 Unable to create index; error is BAD ISAM page
  4. Also unable to reorganized dbspace psapdn.

Can I still salvage the database?

This is either a hardware problem or an installation problem. Call Informix Support (1 800 274 8184) and have them look into it. I’ve seen similar problems arise from using 7.30 with a very early service pack from NT. Are you at the latest service pack?


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