Java Profiler

Java Profiler

Is there a profiler like JProbe which supports the Microsoft Virtual Machine? I already tried the -prof switch on the command line, but that doesn’t do everything I need.

I do not endorse the use of any particular product, but NuMega DevPartner for Java works with the Microsoft VM. It supports the Microsoft Virtual Machine for Java version 4.79.2339 and higher as well as Sun JDKs 1.1.7, 1.2 and higher. DevPartner for Java is actually 4 products in one. It includes a thread profiler, calledJCheck, which helps you detect deadlocks, thread leaks, and perform other thread behavior analysis.

A memory profiler, appropriatelycalled Memory Profiler, allows you to monitor program memory usage and detect memory leaks. A performance analysis tool, called TrueTime,lets you time code sections and determine what parts of a program consume the most CPU cycles.

Finally, a test coverage analysis tool, called TrueCoverage, completes the profiling suite.


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