Use the Robot Class for Automatic Keyboard and Mouse Control

Use the Robot Class for Automatic Keyboard and Mouse Control

This code uses the Robot class to give you automatic keyboard and mouse control.

import java.awt.*;import java.awt.event.*;import;import javax.swing.*;public class RobotDemo extends JFrame implements ActionListener{	//Store Keystrokes in an array                   static int keyInput[] = {KeyEvent.VK_R,KeyEvent.VK_O,                      KeyEvent.VK_B,KeyEvent.VK_O,KeyEvent.VK_T};	static JTextArea ta = new JTextArea();		static JButton bold = new JButton("Bold");	public RobotDemo()	{		getContentPane().add(ta,BorderLayout.CENTER);		 		JPanel p = new JPanel();		bold.addActionListener(this);		p.add(bold);		getContentPane().add(p,BorderLayout.SOUTH);	}	public static void main(String[] args) throws AWTException, IOException	{		RobotDemo rd = new RobotDemo();		rd.setLocation(100,100);		rd.setTitle("Robot Demo");		rd.setSize(200,200);;		Robot robot = new Robot();		//This types the word 'robot' in the Textarea				for (int i = 0; i  0)		  	{		             robot.keyRelease(KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT);			}		        	robot.keyPress(keyInput[i]);			robot.delay(500);		}		//The following clicks the button 'Bold' to get the text bolder		robot.mouseMove(180,280);		robot.delay(2000);		robot.mousePress(InputEvent.BUTTON1_MASK);			//This delay keeps the button pressed for 2 seconds		robot.delay(2000);			robot.mouseRelease(InputEvent.BUTTON1_MASK);	}	public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae)	{		Font f = new Font("Times New Roman", Font.BOLD, 20);		ta.setFont(f);	}}


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