Dynamic <div> Tags

Dynamic <div> Tags

Use JavaScript to make a

tag dynamically and then adds code to handle the onmouseclick event to it.”:
/*The following code generates a div in javascript dynamically and add events to it and append it to theform of html page .*/// call this function from form of html function create_div_dynamic(){dv = document.createElement('div'); // create dynamically div tagdv.setAttribute('id',"lyr1");       //give id to itdv.className="top";                 // set the style classname  //set the inner styling of the div tag"absolute";;;;;"red";//set the html content inside the div tagdv.innerHTML='
';// attach event onmouseclick to the created div tag dv.attachEvent("onmouseclick",function(){element_event_onmouseclick();}); //finally add the div id to ur form document.forms[0].appendChild(dv);}function element_event_onmouseclick() //its called for onmouseclick { alert("Inside function onmouseclick"); }


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