Retrieve Records from a Supplied SQL Statement

Retrieve Records from a Supplied SQL Statement

To retrieve the required field from the table based on the supplied condition, use the following code:

Function GetQueryResults(strSql As String, Optional ReadOnly As Boolean = True) _As Recordset   Dim rstQueryResult As Recordset   Set rstQueryResult = New Recordset      strSql = GetQueryString(strSql)   rstQueryResult.CursorLocation = adUseClient   ' gCnn is the Connection Object   rstQueryResult.Open strSql, gCnn, IIf(ReadOnly, adOpenStatic, adOpenKeyset), _IIf(ReadOnly, adLockReadOnly, adLockOptimistic)   Set GetQueryResults = rstQueryResult   Set rstQueryResult = NothingEnd FunctionFunction GetFieldfromTable(TblName As String, FldName As String, Optional Cond As String = "") _   As String' Input     : TblName - Name of the table from which Field has to be retrieved' FldName - Name of the Field to be retrieved' Cond - Condition basis to retrieve field      Dim rst As Recordset   Dim strSql As String   GetFieldfromTable = ""   strSql = "Select " & FldName & " FROM " & TblName & IIf(Cond  "", " WHERE " & Cond, "")   Set rst = GetQueryResults(strSql)   With rst      If Not (.EOF Or .BOF) Then         If Not IsNull(.Fields(0)) Then GetFieldfromTable = .Fields(0)      End If   End With   Set rst = NothingEnd Function


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