Using the URLEncoder/URLDecoder Classes

To include special characters such as spaces and quotes in a URL string, you need to encode them. Similarly, you need to decode encoded characters in a URL to recover the original URL. The following code demonstrates how to code/decode a string using the URLEncoder/URLDecoder classes.

import*;public class URL_Encoder_Decoder{public static void main(String[] args){  String sir="@sir de [email protected],nr. 1290 'paragraf 3'";  try{     String sir_codat=URLEncoder.encode(sir,"UTF-8");     String sir_decodat=URLDecoder.decode(sir_codat,"UTF-8");     System.out.println(sir);     System.out.println(sir_codat);       System.out.println(sir_decodat);           }catch( e)         {System.out.println("Eroare:"+e.getMessage());}              }}

Here’s the result:

@sir de [email protected],nr. 1290 'paragraf 3'%40sir+de+caractere%40%2Cnr.+1290+%27paragraf+3%[email protected] de [email protected],nr. 1290 'paragraf 3'
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