Date Column/DataSet Bug Workaround

Maybe you’ve noticed that when a DataSet’s date columns are passed to a remote web server or web service whose time zone differs from that of the client, the date will be converted to the equivalent local time. This is sometimes not the date you intended.

For example, suppose you’ve got a DataSet called dsFiling. You’re populating it through a web service deployed on a server running on EST (GMT-5:00). Now suppose dsFiling has a date column, called QuarterFilingDate, the actual value of which is “30 SEP 2006.”

To a client with a GMT+5:30 time zone, this would show as “29 SEP 2006.”

Although the workaround provided by Microsoft works fine, this solution is easier:

  1. Convert the DataSet to a Typed Dataset.
  2. Convert the DateTime Column into a string DataType.
  3. Parse the string DataType into DateTime after you receive the string.
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