Put an XPath Expression into a Java Application

Put an XPath Expression into a Java Application

Inserting an XPath Expression into a Java Application can be very useful if you need to develop a Java application that evaluates a simple XPath expression. Just a copy/paste your own XPath expression and XML document, like this:

import javax.xml.xpath.*;import*;import org.xml.sax.InputSource;public class XPathExample{  InputSource IS=null;  XPathExpression XPE=null;  public XPathExample(){}  public void evaluateXPath(File XMLdoc){       //XPathFactory object     XPathFactory XPF=XPathFactory.newInstance();          //XPath object     XPath XP=XPF.newXPath();                 //XPath expression     try{        XPE=XP.compile("your_XPath_expression");        }catch(javax.xml.xpath.XPathExpressionException e)           {System.err.println("e:"+e.getMessage());}     //XML document     try{        IS=new InputSource(new FileInputStream(XMLdoc));        }catch( e)           {System.err.println(e.getMessage());}                  //evaluation of the XPath     try{           String result=XPE.evaluate(IS);        System.out.println("Result: 
 "+ result);        }catch(javax.xml.xpath.XPathExpressionException e)          {System.err.println(e.getMessage());}  }public static void main(String[] argv)   {   XPathExample t=new XPathExample();   File XMLdoc=new File("your_XML_file");   t.evaluateXPath(XMLdoc);   }}

Note: Don’t use this technique in XPath expressions that evaluate to node-sets?use it only when an expression returns an atomic value.

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